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40mm L70 Compact Naval Gun We had designed the control systems and are manufacturing and supply to Doosan DST Co., Ltd.
This 40mm L70 Naval Gun is currently mounted on the PPC-class and FF-class frigate, and newly developed control systems will be mounted on PKG-class patrol boats.

    - Capacitor Bank
    - Ultra Capacitor
    - Super Capacitor
Capacitor Bank
  > In order to solve the lack of durability of the high-speed rotary converter, we applied the ultra capacitor and reduced peak power consumption.

> By applying the ultra capacitor and charging uniform current reduced the peak power consumption.

> By using regenerative braking, the driving performance is enhanced according to the linear control.

> For reliability of power supply, we set up the CB test system.
Module Specifications
Capacitor Bank
> Possesses 5KJ storage capacity.

> Possesses more than 11Farad of capacitance

> Charging time of 350Vdc : less than 60sec.

Over current protector
> Self-discharges in case of more than 300Vdc

> Equipped with a radiator for the discharging.

> Equipped regeneration circuits against braking power

Control System
  > The digital control system is applied for the improvement of driving performance and reliability.

> It is equipped with an LCD displayer to improve maintenance and operability.

> We equip with self-developed servo system in the optimized load test device. So we can test the performance of the servo control system and the amplifier.

Module Specifications
Position Controller
> Applied 32bit CPU(TM320C6701)

> Self-Diagnosis function

The Speed and Current Controller
> The sampling frequency of the current controller is more than 10KHz.

Servo Amplifier
> Base Driver : all-in-one

> IGBT Power Module : More than 400V, 200A.

> Switching frequency 10Khz