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The Development of Hydraulic Test Devices This is the device that examines the landing gear of T-50, the jet trainer. Applying a load of 20 tons in the hydraulic cylinder by the constant driving speed through the hydraulic loader, it can test the performance of the hydraulic cylinder.

Specifications of the device
DIV. Detail Spec.
- Maximum Power : 50 tons
- Maximum Stroke Length : 600 mm
- Test Object Volume : 700×1,000×3,000
- Required Input Power : 35KW, 440V, 3Φ

Performance Requirement
- Speed Control
   * Low Speed : 2.5mm/min(±0.5mm)
   * High Speed : 10-100mm/min(±0.5mm)
- Pressure Control
   * Low Pressure : 10-250 BAR
   * High Pressure : 550 BAR(STATIC)
- Flow Control
   * Low Flow : 0.1-3.5 ℓ/min
   * High Flow : 1-39 ℓ/min

The structure of Hydraulic Test Bench

The Technology related Hydraulic System
Technology Detail Technology Applied Equipments
Analog Circuit Design
Design of the Control System Circuit applying analog devices such as Op Amp.
- Op Amp Circuit, Robust Design against    Noise
- Design of the Logic Switching Circuit
- Design of the sensor drive circuit such as    proximity switches

Winch Control System for TASS and TACM
Design and Manufacturing of Proximity Switches and the Sensor Infrared Transceiver
Proximity Switch :
 * Working Distance : 5mm
 * Input and Output Power : 24V/12V

Infrared Transceiver :
 * Working Distance : 2.7 m
 * Operating Temperature : -25 ~ 100˚C

Feeding system of 5 inch Naval Gun
Design of the Control System of Hydraulic Servo Device - The Hydraulic Servo Control Technology
- Hydraulic Solenoid Application   Technology
5 Inch Naval Gun and Hull Clean Robot