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Hull Cleaning Robot This is the underwater Hull cleaning robot that cleans and examines the bottom of large LNG ships or bulk cargo ships. It can sail underwater on its own. At selected points, it can clear out moss, algae and barnacles in close contact with the ship's bottom and inspect the ship's bottom.

    - LNG, Bulk ship

Spec. Measure Resulting Value
3D positional accuracy cm 9.63
Scanning Speed m/min 82
Maximum speed of the forward knot 2.66
Maximum speed of the lateral knot 1
Maximum speed of rise knot 1
Cleaning Width cm 70
Cleaning capacity m²/h 630
Conveying Speed m/min 27
The scan speed of cleaning cm/sec 45
Volume of the Cleaning Module cm³ 52×22×18
Weight of the Robot kg 300

Technology Development Process
Technology Technical Detail Applied Equipments
Propulsion System Design of the Hull Clean Robot Selection of propulsion Propeller of HCR, and control of propeller
 - The analysis of propeller's     propulsion against the fluid     resistance of the HCR
 - The technology of the propulsion     and control
Hull Clean Robot
Design of the control system of the BLDC motor The Control System and Servo Driver
 - Inverter design of the BLDC     motor
 - control system design of the     BLDC motor
Brush driving system and Running system of HCR,
Winch system of HCR's cable
Pressure Vessel design Design the pressure-resistant vessel of the control system Vessel for the power supply
and control system
Design of the high
- efficiency power supply
Water-cooled high-capacity
DC Power supply
- Water-cooled & sealed housing
Power supply for Propulsion and running system of HCR
Application of Real-time operating S/W The development of the servo control S/W and GUI S/W on the
RT Linux /Vx Works or Windows
GUI and control S/W
for the control console

Technology Development Process