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The Simulator of Naval Guns This is a scaled model of the Naval Gun in order to evaluate gun control functions of the fire control system. The interface between gun and FCS is the same as the real systems.
   <Driving Accuracy>
Driving Input Azimuth Elevation
Settling Time 90˚ 2.5sec or less -
45˚ - 2.5sec or less
Driving Accuracy Step 0.1mr or less 0.1mr or less
10˚Sin(t) 0.8mr or less 0.8mr or less
30˚Sin(t) 1.7mr or less 1.7mr or less
46˚Sin(t) 3.5mr or less 3.5mr or less

  <Turret Dimensions>
Turret Weight 570kg
Turret Full-height 1314mm
Dome Flat Area 1000×1058mm
Dome Height 714mm

Servo System Technology of Turrets
Technology Technical Detail Applied systems
Driving Accuracy Analysis
of the Servo System

- Servo System Modeling and secure the    Control Technology
- Secure driving accuracy of the large    precision servo system with sine wave    input.

Servo system analysis of 40mm & 76mm L62 Naval Gun
Analysis of the Servo Motors and the Driving Mechanism of Naval Guns
- Analysis of the rotor temperature of    motor according to the System    operating environment.
- Analysis of the inertia of the motors'    brake and of linearity of the motor    torque.

Servo Motor, Brake and driving parts of 76mm L62 Naval Gun
Design of the synchro
gear box for Naval Guns'
Servo System

- Analysis of relationship between
   the accuracy and stiffness
   of the Servo System
- Qualification of the synchro gear box

76mm L62 Naval Gun
Analysis of
power-consuming rated

- Analysis of heat loss of the
  servo system.
- Analysis of the regenerative power while   braking the servo system.

Capacitor Bank of 40mm & 76mm L62 Naval Gun