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Development Results of the Servo System Ever since our company was established, we are specialized in developing and manufacturing control systems for the 76mm L62 Naval Gun as well as 40mm L70 Naval Gun. Our engineer team is consisted of experts who served two decades of their career in this industry including ADD (Agency for Defense Development of Korea) and R&D Center of Daewoo Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. With enriched experiences, we deliver the best results to our clients.

We have extraordinary technology in the field of power supply and control system for driving the Naval Gun. We can support system interface for proven performance-driven operation of the Naval Gun. We are also focused on developing the control system of electric and hydraulic servo systems that is necessary in the precision servo system. We are always ready to participate in new projects, because our veteran engineers have the accumulated experience of many years.

Equipment Servo System Areas of participation
76mm L62 Naval Gun
Now in production)
- Turret : 8ton/Turret, Equilibrator
- Driving Motor : 4.5Kw DC Motor
- Control System : TMS320C6701
- Servo Amp. : IGBT

- Designed the control system,
  manufactured the synchro G/B,
  motor and drive assembly
- Designed the driving assembly.
- Designed the position controller
  and the power supply.

TASS Winch
Control System
(2002 ~ 2004,
Now in production)

- Driving Motor : Hydraulic
- Control System : Intel 80196
- Servo Amp. : Solenoid
- Designed and manufactured
  the control system.
- Analysis of the control system
40mm L70 Naval Gun
(2005 ~ 2005,
Now in production)

- Turret : 8ton
   load change : 2ton
- Driving Motor : 13Kw DC Motor
- Control System : Intel 80386
- Servo Amp. : IGBT/SCR

- Designed and manufactured
  the system, and tuned
  the servo system.
- Designed the power supply
  and the control system.