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The Process of Servo System Development

     Detail of the Feasibility Analysis
Analysis Technology
of the Servo System 
The technologies of our engineers are  comparable to those of large corporations.,
such as the design of the position, speed and current of controller of the servo system, and analysis for the selection of the gearbox and the motor.
Vector Control Technology
(1998 ~ 2000)
When some of our engineers served in the Agency for Defense Development, they developed the TACM launcher (applied 2.5Kw BLDC Motor) and succeeded in commercialization of the BLDC servo control system using the vector control. For this, they were awarded the National Defense Science Award.
Design Technology of High-speed Digital  Control System When we co-developed the control system of the magnetic bearing with KIMM in 2001, we also developed the high-performance servo  controller using TMS320C6701. Applied in the servo controller of 40mm L70 Naval Gun and 76mm L62 Naval Gun which are currently under production, the system has been proven for its reliability.
IGBT Switching  Technology  When we developed the 40mm L70 Naval Gun, we used IGBT (600V, 300Amp) for the high-speed switching. Applied in the TACM launcher  and the control system of the magnetic bearing (100V, 10Amp), it has  been proven for its reliability.
Application of  RTOS We used Windows for GUI in the development of the Hull Clean Robot, as a National Project. Next we developed S/W for   realtime control using RT Linux OS.

   Design and Manufacture Details