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The Design and Manufacturing of Electrical and Electronic Circuits We are designing electronic circuit boards and control boxes. Furthermore, we are testing the function, performance and environment in assembly status of electronics. Thus we are completing all the preparation for the combined system, and then supplying products to other enterprises.
▣ DSP Board
   * Specifications of DSP Board
      - TMS320C6701 : 150MHz / 6.7ns, 1GFLOPS
      - External Memory : 2Mb Syncburst SRAM
      - 4-Channel Bootloading
      - RS-232 Serial Port
      - Development Tools : XDS-510 / JTAG
      - Single 5V Supply Operation
        ※ Applicable CPU :
          MC8051, MC80196, INTEL80386, TMS320C30
▣ PWM Board
   * Specifications of PWM Board
      - Altera Epm7160S EPLD
      - 4-Channel PWM Output(20KHz)
      - 2-Channel 16bit ADC, 200Ksps
      - 4-Channel 12bit ADC, 500ksps
      - 8th-Order Continuous-Time Active Filters
      - 12bit High speed DAC